Baby's Crib

I am posting all of my images here. I may make everything look pretty later if I get time.
(Click images to see larger ones)

I started by making the back part. This was an important step because when the baby is no longer using the crib, I hope to use this part as a headboard for a twin size bed.

Here is what the headboard part looks like fully assembled.


Each of the top and bottom rails have been grooved out on my router table to enable the slats to fit snugly when assembled.

Here you can see the assembled slats fitted snugly into the bottom rail. I drilled a 1/4" hole into the end of each of the vertical slats. This way I could insert a dowel that would keep the slat in place without having to use nail/screw to attach them.


Notice here how I notched the end posts with my router to allow the other peices to fit.

Another example of the notching i did to allow the top rail to fit into the post snugly


Another angle of the assembled headboard

After building the front section, I decided to stand them up assembled by the side top rails to get an idea of how it was coming together.


Another angle of the assembled front and back sections

Here is what it looked like after I assembled and attached the side sections


Another angle of the attached the side sections

Yet another angle...


Being able to assemble and disassemble the crib is very important, so I got some 1/4-20 furniture nuts from Lowes and inserted them into the ends of the top and bottom rails.

Here you can see what it looks like after the furniture nut has been inserted


I used a countersink to predrill the holes on the posts to allow me to assemble the side pieces using a 3" 1/4-20 screw.

The screw inserts into the furnature nut on the rails


Skipping ahead a few steps, you can see that I attached some top rails to the crib with a 45� mitre at the corners.

Initially, I thought I might have to remove the top rails when I would disassemble the crib, so I drilled some pocket holes to attach the top rails to the crib.


(Testing the pocket holes on a scrap piece to make sure I didnt drill too far)

I attached the crib using the 1/4-20 screws at the bottom as well.


Also notice some simple moulding I added to give a more 3-dimentional appeal...

Almost done! just need to sand it down! Hope the baby doesn't come too early!


First attempt at staining... not a good one... The gel stain I used was old and clumpy also, humidity was extremely high and temps in the 100s for the first time all year. the stain was drying before i could wipe it off and leaving big dark splotches everywhere. I nearly had a mental breakdown at this point...

Fortunatly, after burning up my 1/4 sheet sander and borrowing another one, I was able to sand away the bad stain job and re-apply REAL stain and a couple of coats of Polyurethane.