Green Egg Table

Design Idea came from this site:

Since I used a thin piece of cut marble, I decided to re-enforce the base here where I will set the marble. The next one I build, I will use a nice piece of ceramic tile to save on cost.

The plans I followed show using screws to attach all of the side support rails and legs. In order to get a more polished look, next time I will build it in such a way that hides more of the screw holes.


Notice the concrete paver stone I used for the grill base. This is the way to go because you can get them for $2-$3 at Lowe's or Home Depot

The heavy duty casters used in this project were repurposed from an old Dell server cabinet.


A nice stain and several coats of marine grade varnish, and we have a nice Big Green Egg table!
Bratwurst and Burgers anyone?