My Grill

This was my first project in the world of welding. It didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself.
(Click images to see larger ones)

I cut a 55 gallon drum at about a 40° angle and sat it in a frame I welded together using some old tube steel I found in a trash pile (I think the steel was from an old road sign)

Got some cans of black grill paint from Lowes and gave it a good couple of coats.


Here you can see how I took two pieces of angle iron and bolted them together so that when you open the grill, the angle iron will hold the lid open.

I liberated some parts from an old rusted out grill to make the lid hinges, vent port, and handle.


Another side view

Now for the good part... Enough surface area to feed an army!


Hard to beat grilled pork chops!

After 5 years, rust has taken its toll... Time to replace!


This time around, i am going to cut the lid differently.

By cutting inside of the rim, the lid will be lighter, and the grill will be able to retain more heat.


I really liked the red color of this barrel... I wonder if I could do a fancy design....

Those stripes tho!


Finished design... Go Bucks!

Added 2 thermometers for monitoring internal heat. As you can see, maintaining a low and slow 225 is really easy with proper vent control.


Success! I added a lid seal (from my local Green egg dealer) so now I can maintain a good 8-hour smoke only having to refuel the charcoal one time.
(I highly recommend B&B lump charcoal)